Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Hormone testosterone is responsible for correct development of male sex characteristics. Other important tasks include maintenance of muscle mass and red blood cells at healthy level, growth of bones, performance of sexual functions and maintenance of healthy mindset. Violation of production of testosterone is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction, treatment of which may need special rehabilitation therapy.

Causes of Decreased Testosterone Production

With age body produces less and less testosterone. Beginning at the age of 30 years, natural decline continues until the end of life. Decrease in testosterone may be caused by trauma, infection or loss of testicles, chemo- or radiotherapy, genetic abnormalities, hemochromatosis, pituitary dysfunction, inflammatory diseases, use of corticosteroid drugs and drugs for treatment of prostate cancer (especially hormonal). Lower level of the hormone is also associated with chronic weakness, cirrhosis, stress, alcoholism and obesity.

Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency

testosterone low levelsInsufficient testosterone content deprives a man of opportunity to experience excitement, increases risk of erectile dysfunction, makes concentration difficult, worsens well-being and makes you feel depressed. The list of symptoms of low level of the hormone includes:

  • decline of muscle mass and growth of body fat;
  • changes in cholesterol and lipid levels;
  • reduction of hemoglobin and manifestation of mild anemia;
  • brittle bones (osteoporosis);
  • hair loss.

Consequences of chronically low testosterone are obesity, development of erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Detection of Testosterone Deficiency

Only blood test can provide a guaranteed result. During the day level of testosterone changes, so it often requires implementation of multiple measurements. Experts prefer to take tests early in the morning at the time of maximum hormone levels.

How to Increase Level of Testosterone

Restoring potency by treating lack of testosterone involves implementation of intramuscular injections and use of testosterone patch, gel or spray, long-term subcutaneous implants, mucoadhesive material and pills. To choose the most suitable option for restoring healthy hormone level, you should always consult a doctor.

Possible Side Effects of Testosterone Therapy

Talking about how to increase potency with safe testosterone therapy, you should pay attention to side effects of this influence. There may be problems with skin in the form of increasing of its fat content, obstructing urinary process by stimulating prostate tissue and worsening of sleep, expressed by night wakefulness and daytime drowsiness. Likelihood of such anomalies as increase in the number of red blood cells, change in level of cholesterol and lipids, decrease in sperm quantity, increase in aggressiveness and mood swings are not excluded. When undergoing testosterone therapy, you should regularly visit your doctor to make necessary adjustments to course of treatment.