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Our Erbium laser can revise scars by resurfacing the top layer of skin through multiple treatments. A consultation can determine whether or not your scar can be

treated by this method.


Unsightly skin tags and other cosmetic lesions such as sebaceous cysts can be surgically excised. A consultation will determine the medical or cosmetic nature of

your skin lesion and appropriate treatment can be recommended. You may find the way out of sergical intervention for example together with canadian health care mall pharmacy. It is a well-known pharmaceutical company ready to introduce to you latest medical technological creations.


Rosacea, patchy or mottled skin, freckles, hyper pigmentation, stretch marks, and vascular lesions such as angiomas or telangiectasias, can be treated with Broad

Band Light., our version of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy. This treatment uses light energy with customized filters to select the correct wavelength spectrum to

treat a variety of conditions.


If you would like to correct frown lines and crow’s feet in a few minutes without surgery, this treatment can take years off your face, allowing you to appear fresher

and less stressed. Migraine patients often notice their symptoms are also significantly improved. Newer applications include treatment of excessive underarm

sweating (hyperhidrosis). Botox is a neurotoxin that relaxes hyperactive muscles. It is very safe since it stays localized to the treatment area. Results are typically

seen in 3-7 days, and the results usually last 3-4 months. Dysport is now available so you have a choice.


Newer technology allows lip augmentation and softening of nasolabial grooves with NASHA (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid). Hyaluronic acid is a natural

substance that already exists in the skin to provide volume and fullness. Since Restylane is not animal derived, you don’t have to worry about allergy testing or

animal-based disease transmission. Also, Restylane typically lasts 6 months, which is about twice as long as collagen. All specific features about skin care products you may find on canadian health and care mall. It is the world leader in skin care products selling. It is time to order them because there are discounts for these goods.


Newer technology allows lip augmentation and softening of nasolabial grooves with NASHA (Non-Animal Stabilized Hyaluronic Acid). Hyaluronic acid is a natural

substance that already exists in the skin to provide volume and fullness. Since Juvederm is not animal derived, you don’t have to worry about allergy testing or

animal-based disease transmission. Also, Juvederm typically lasts 9 to 12 months.


The newest aesthetic treatment which originated in France is now available in the United States. Mesotherapy is a non-surgical option to liposuction and can be

used for multiple applications. Popular uses include spot reduction, treatment of cellulite, reduction of puffy fat pads under the eyes, double chins and jowls, and

hair loss. Non-aesthetic applications include the treatment of acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries such as tendonitis, or pain syndromes like migraine

headaches. The treatment is performed through injections of medications and/or vitamins into the skin. Side effects are generally limited to bruising and/or swelling

which typically resolves over 1-2 weeks. A series of treatments is required to obtain optimal results. Depending on the patient, a series may last from 4-15

treatments. The benefits of mesotherapy should last as long as you maintain a healthy diet and exercise program, although some patients may opt for maintenance

treatment every 6-12 months. To treat skin diseases you may by different medicine ordered via canadian healthcare mall. The time comes to think properly about your essential beauty which you may sustain together with


This mesotherapy treatment specifically targets the face to rejuvenate the skin for a younger, more hydrated, glowing look. Application of a topical anesthetic cream

to the face is followed by a special technique to introduce vitamins, antioxidants, and/or medications into the skin.


Our new treatment for tightening your skin!  Skintyte uses light energy to deeply heat dermal collagen which promotes improved skin firmness.  Most patients

can see a visible difference after the first treatment!  Common areas of treatment include neck, jowls, crow’s feet, abdomen, and arms.


Our state of the art Sciton Profile laser can stimulate your own skin to produce more collagen. This is a non-ablative treatment which translates into no down time.

Results are best seen with a series of treatments, with noticeable improvement in your skin within 3-6 months.


Laser treatment can effectively improve problem acne, resulting in fewer lesions and a clearer complexion. Optimal improvement is achieved through series of



This treatment is more aggressive than micro dermabrasion and more precise than a chemical peel. Laser technology allows us to remove an exact amount of the

top layer of skin from your face, neck or upper chest. This allows new skin to form, producing a remarkably even tone and texture, as well as decreasing wrinkles

and age spots from sun damage. There are a lot of different sun protective items on you won’t be disappointed and check out this website before to go for holidays somewhere in hot countries.


Our laser produces a permanent reduction in the amount and coarseness of blonde, brown, or black hair in all skin types, including tanned skin. This technology

allows us to treat the patient comfortably without the necessity of topical anesthetic cream prior to the procedure. Each session removes hairs that are actively

growing. A series of sessions 6-8 weeks apart will provide best results by regularly treating the new hairs that enter the active growth cycle. Different body parts

may require a different number of treatment sessions.


Lose inches in one hour!!! We are introducing our new detoxifying slimming wrap, which is made from all herbal ingredients.  It is designed to deplete fat and toxins

from you fat cells and the results can be seen in as little as 1 hour.  Any part of the body can be treated such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms, or neck and

chin.  The loss is NOT due to water loss, and the results are lasting as long as you do not replenish your body with more fat from eating poorly.  It has a 97%

success rate and was a featured product at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Scientific Congress.  $60.00 per wrap.


We now offer Aesthetician Services.

Signature Facial $85.00

Handsome & Pampered Facial $75

Extraction Treatment $45.00 and up

Waxing:  Brows Design $25.00, Brow Maintenance $18.00, Brow Clean up $12.00.

Waxing of other parts call for pricing

Tinting:  Brow $20.00, Eyelash $20.00, Eyelash & Brow $25.00


All Products are plus tax.

We carry the Is Clinical product line.                                          We carry the Danne product line.

Active Serum $120.00                                                                     Acne Wash $32.00

Poly-Vitamin Serum $95.00                                                              5% BP Lotion $21.00

Hydra-Cool Serum $85.00                                                                Acu Creme $38.00

Super Serum $130.00                                                                      Beta Gel $40.00

Pro-Heal Serum $125.00                                                                  Betagen Creme $46.00

C & E Serum $120.00                                                                      Biogen C Creme $38.00

C-15 Serum $80.00                                                                         Deep Pore Cleanser $26.00

Firming Complex $115.00                                                                 Direct Delivery C Serum $62.00

Moisturizing Complex $78.00                                                             Exoderma Peel $27.00

Eye Complex $68.00                                                                         Fine Line Creme $37.00

C Eye Gel $52.00                                                                              Foamy Lift Masque $38.00

Body Complex $58.00                                                                       Herb & Mineral Spray $28.00

Cleansing Complex $36.00                                                                Hydrophilic Creme $37.00

Clear Skin System $215.00                                                               Melanoplex Drops $41.00

Rejuvenation System $225.00                                                           Melanoplex Creme $47.00

Youth Complex $135.00                                                                    Milk Cleanser $26.00

SPF 20 Sunscreen Powder $40.00                                                     Moisture Balancer $38.00

SPF 25 Treatment Tube $33.00                                                        Nite Firming Creme $40.00

SPF 25 Perfect Tint Tube $36.00                                                       Retosin $51.00

Seba-E $22.00

Other Misc. Products                                                                    Transdermal Sunblock $30.00

Oria $215.00                                                                                   Masque Brush $7.00

Prevage MD $115.00                                                                        Creme Citrique $38.00

Liquid Crystals $50.00                                                                      Hydra Louffa $38.00

Latisse Eye Lash $120.00 (prescription required) no tax                       Revise A $38.00

(Longer, Thicker, Darker Eyelashes.  This is                                 Super Bright $50.00

the hot new treatment for more beautiful eyelashes!)                  Travel Herb & Mineral Spray $16.00

Travel Milk cleanser $12.00

Travel Deep Pore Cleanser $12.00

Travel Acu Creme $14.00

Travel Biogen C Creme $14.00

Travel Creme Citrique $14.00

Travel Nite Firm $14.00

Travel Transdermal Sunblock $16.00

*all prices are subject to change.