Primarily, we perform:

  • Family Practice (General, Family-inclusive Care), Internal Medicine, Pediatrics
  • Acupuncture, Cupping, Ultrasound, Herbal Therapy

Description of Services:

    • The doctors at TMG have received extensive training and are board certified to diagnose and treat a variety of medical illnesses, to provide prophylactic care, to help families of terminally ill patients utilize medical and community services, to provide basic mental healthcare, and to take care of geriatric patients both in office and in selected convalescent hospitals.
    • Our Primary Care Physicians do Well Adult Exams including Paps, and Well Child Exams. We also give immunizations to children and adults.
    • Our facility has a surgical room so we can do infants circumcisions, remove moles and skin tags and repair simple lacerations.
    • Dr. Stephen Tsai from EAST-WEST MEDICAL GROUP comes every other Wednesday to offer alternative modes of therapy to our patients. His treatment is especially useful for patients with chronic pain, conditions unresponsive to standard treatments and patient seeking natural ways to cure their medical problems.
  • But each person should have an alternative to choose the treatemnt and company they prefer. You may address to canadian health and care mall to find drugs of high quality required for treatment.