Rare Diseases

rare diseases Canadian Health&Care Mall suggests the discussion of the most rare diseases. Rare diseases are the diseases affecting a very small part of population. Stimulation of their researches and creation of drugs for them usually requires support from the state. Many rare diseases are genetic, and, therefore, accompany the person during all life even if symptoms are manifested not at once. Many rare diseases arise in the childhood, and about 30% of children with rare diseases don’t live till 5 years old.

There is no uniform level of disease prevalence in population to consider it rare. The disease can be considered rare in one part of the world or among some group of people, but to be widespread in other regions.

The first disorder is known as Latah. This rare disease meets only at some cultures (for example, in Malaysia), especially adult women are for some reason subject to it. Latah is characterized by that the patient loses control over the behavior, starts imitating people’s speech and gestures around, and to cry out rough or senseless words. Usually such state is a consequence of the postponed psychological shock, the person becomes restless and easily submits to suggestion. Thus, the patient can turn into zombie, completely obeying the orders from outside. The patient can hit easily someone without apparent cause, following foreign suggestions.

The second rare disorder is exploding head syndrome. People with such a disease hear various noises in the head and even explosions. Usually it comes during sleeping, two hours later after falling asleep, or before it. Patients complain of the alarm accompanied with pulse rate increase. Also flashes of bright light in the head are possible. All these feelings are quite painful, it seems to much that they had blood-stroke. Someone characterizes an attack as cymbals sound, for someone it is bomb explosion, and the sound of string instrument seems to someone. Doctors believe that such unusual sleep disorders which were until recently poorly studying are connected with stresses and overtension. The most part of patients are the woman.

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As to speak about rare diseases Cicero should be mentioned. People are compelled to eat absolutely uneatable things. As a result glue, dirt, paper, clay, coal and other unappetizing substances gets into stomach. Scientists believe that such behavior even in something and is justified because the person feels lack of some microcells or minerals in the organism and subconsciously tries to meet this lack. The similar behavior is peculiar also to animals, cats, for example, eat a grass, pursuing the aims. So, having felt requirement to taste something unusual, perhaps, it is worth making tests and to find out the true reason of such behavior. So far it wasn’t succeeded to find out the true reason of such a disease.

This list of rare diseases may be completed further and further because more and more diseases appear which concern the smallest part of population of the Earth. It is very horrible and interesting at one and the same time to read about such disorders. But the main disadvantage is that medicine is not able to work out the treatment to such diseases sometimes that’s why people suffering from them feel uncomfortable and unhappy.