Tujunga Medical Group News - Part 2

Immunity Increased

Immunity“Immunity” from purely theoretical, medical positions is rather difficult to be explained. But for our mutual understanding the following suffices: immunity is an ability of an organism to protect itself. To protect from everything that for an organism isn’t natural: from viruses and bacteria, from poisons, from some drugs, from the abnormalities which are formed in the organism (cancer cells, for example). The genetic information is inherent in each human cell. This, difficult at first sight, situation, actually causes desire either to cease to read, or to grab the school textbook in biology urgently to meet lacks in education. But subtle details aren’t necessary to us. Essentially another is very important including the immune system is capable to analyze and to distinguish insiders and outsiders.

Rare Diseases

rare diseases Canadian Health&Care Mall suggests the discussion of the most rare diseases. Rare diseases are the diseases affecting a very small part of population. Stimulation of their researches and creation of drugs for them usually requires support from the state. Many rare diseases are genetic, and, therefore, accompany the person during all life even if symptoms are manifested not at once. Many rare diseases arise in the childhood, and about 30% of children with rare diseases don’t live till 5 years old.

There is no uniform level of disease prevalence in population to consider it rare. The disease can be considered rare in one part of the world or among some group of people, but to be widespread in other regions.