Immunity Increased

Immunity“Immunity” from purely theoretical, medical positions is rather difficult to be explained. But for our mutual understanding the following suffices: immunity is an ability of an organism to protect itself. To protect from everything that for an organism isn’t natural: from viruses and bacteria, from poisons, from some drugs, from the abnormalities which are formed in the organism (cancer cells, for example). The genetic information is inherent in each human cell. This, difficult at first sight, situation, actually causes desire either to cease to read, or to grab the school textbook in biology urgently to meet lacks in education. But subtle details aren’t necessary to us. Essentially another is very important including the immune system is capable to analyze and to distinguish insiders and outsiders.

And at the heart of this analysis genetic information contains. Something enters the organism: genetic information coincides – insiders, doesn’t coincide – outsiders. Any substance having alien genetic information is called as an anti-gene. The immune system at the beginning finds an anti-gene, and then does everything that to destroy this anti-gene. For destruction of a concrete anti-gene the organism develops absolutely certain cells, they are called antibodies. A certain antibody approaches a certain anti-gene as a key to the lock, unless probability to repeat or pick up millions times less. Immunity to certain diseases can be congenital – the child gets part of already ready antibodies from mother and, respectively, acquired, – such which the organism developed independently. You may increase your immunity level together with  Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Immunity is the specific phenomenon (accurate compliance of a concrete anti-gene – to a concrete antibody). But it not always so as the immune system acts not only with antibodies. Typical example: body temperature increase leads to that in an organism special protein – interferon starts being developed. Interferon destroys any viruses (both flu, and measles, and rubella), interferon action isn’t specific. The system of nonspecific immunity is presented not only interferon but the organism is capable to develop couple more of tens substances. The main thing in this information is the following. If immunity constantly trains, on penetration of an anti-gene it can quickly and strongly react, instantly develop the same interferon and illness will end in two to three days. And if interferon wasn’t enough – it is necessary to wait for development of antibodies, and on it week will already be required. To form the immunity you may due to vitamins and different preparations ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Process of immunity formation is influenced by a number of the congenital factors depending both on a state of health of parents, and on the course of pregnancy, especially on the infections postponed at this time. At the same time, the way of life of already been born child in turn significantly influences immunity level. There are three natural stimulators of immunity namely hunger, cold and physical activity. In one of three specified directions the extremism is inadmissible. It isn’t necessary to starve consciously the child, to force to run on 30 km a day and to expel undressed on a frost. But another is more important: opposite actions (excess food and heat, restriction of physical activity) very quickly lead to immunity oppression (frequent infectious diseases) or to abnormality of immunity, that is, it seems, reacts, but not as it is necessary (allergic or infectious and allergic diseases).