Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Hormone testosterone is responsible for correct development of male sex characteristics. Other important tasks include maintenance of muscle mass and red blood cells at healthy level, growth of bones, performance of sexual functions and maintenance of healthy mindset. Violation of production of testosterone is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction, treatment of which may need special rehabilitation therapy.

Causes of Decreased Testosterone Production

With age body produces less and less testosterone. Beginning at the age of 30 years, natural decline continues until the end of life. Decrease in testosterone may be caused by trauma, infection or loss of testicles, chemo- or radiotherapy, genetic abnormalities, hemochromatosis, pituitary dysfunction, inflammatory diseases, use of corticosteroid drugs and drugs for treatment of prostate cancer (especially hormonal). Lower level of the hormone is also associated with chronic weakness, cirrhosis, stress, alcoholism and obesity.

Top-8 of Misconceptions about Male and Female Sexual Health

In this article, specialist in sexology and hormonal disorders, Alice Stanton, author of the book «Hormone Harmony», refutes eight of the most common myths about sexual health of women and men.

Myth №1. At Menopause Interest to Sex is Reduced

Many women in fact continue to be actively interested in sex during menopause. Sex becomes even more spontaneous and wild, because in absence of menstruation fear of becoming pregnant and need to constantly think about means of protection or interruption of sexual intercourse disappears. In addition, women at this age are more confident and aware of their desires, they already know perfectly well what sex is, and they can get more satisfaction than ever.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Sedentary Way of Living and Erectile Dysfunction Manifestations

According to the statistical data men under the age of 18 – 40 keeping a sedentary way of living suffer from erectile dysfunction in 44% of cases and even 35% among men are satisfied with their sexual life. Men under the age of 18-40 keeping an active way of living suffer from impotence in 22% and moreover 66% are quite satisfied with sexual life in general. It should be mentioned that nowadays the manifestations of erectile dysfunction is observed not only at old males but at younger generations as well. This disorder becomes younger and younger.

At What Symptoms Is It Necessary to Consult the Doctor?

Our organism is universal moreover there is no occasional notions there. Erectile dysfunction is a problem which should be solved individually. Moreover erectile dysfunction may become a symptoms of some other severe disorder. First of all erectile dysfunction may become a signal of cardiac disorders such as atherosclerosis or vessels disorders. There are some cases when erectile dysfunction is caused by diabetes. As a result you may get to know after been examined by andrologist about the treatment of erectile dysfunction and prevent the development of some other diseases.

erectile dysfunction

Modern medical science is capable to carry out diverse examinations, screenings and analysis to identify the exact reason of erectile dysfunction. Canadian Health and Care Mall provides men with necessary remedies such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra http://healthcaremall4you.com/ways-to-treat-erectile-dysfunction-canadian-health-care-mall-is-the-best-place-to-find-choices.html to treat erectile dysfunction and increase erection sufficient to carry out sexual intercourse. Men are ashamed coming across with erectile dysfunction that’s why they prefer to pull back the moment to address the doctor. But such a consultation should be carried out as fast as possible.

Canadian Health and Care Mall, an online pharmacy points out that the treatment should be conducted with medications of high quality. Such medications are possible to be found on our website. Command our service and you will understand erectile dysfunction is a curable disorder, the correct treatment of which may be achieved fast if utilizing our remedies.

Is It Possible to Avoid Erectile Dysfunction Appearance?

Physical exercises and trainings, physical activity, regular sex life increase testosterone level in an organism and are excellent prevention of erectile dysfunction (read also “Canadian Health&Care Mall: Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction“). It is very important to increase zinc level in an organism for what it is necessary to eat meat, seafood, bread, potatoes, brown rice, green sheet vegetables, fragile cheeses. It is also necessary to eat nuts and seeds of sunflower. The organism has to receive vitamins of group B, C and E.

Pay Attention to the Product Description When You Purchase Viagra Online

When you purchase Viagra from an online pharmacy store, make sure that you are paying attention to the product description page.

Viagra kits have now become easier to avail thanks to online pharmacy websites. Men can now easily order their prescribed erectile dysfunction medications online from home at their own convenience. One does not even have to show any prescription anymore in order to purchase the ED drugs for treatment. But the thing is that, it has even cut short the benefit of availing intake guidelines that pharmacists often need to give when handing over the medicine to the patients.

Why patients seek consumption guidelines when taking ED medicines?

Over dosage can lead to serious health problems in some cases. That is why, consumption

guidelines are necessary instructions that patients need to abide by when taking in a particular medicine.

They guide a patient when it comes to consuming the right dosage and at the appropriate time.

That is why, it is necessary for patients who are purchasing Canadian Health Care Mall ED drugs online, to follow the instructions mentioned out on the product description.


What does a Product Description Page Contain?

Here are some of the things that you are likely to find out when you purchase the blue, diamond shaped tablets online:

  1. General Information
  • Don’t act blind when it comes to medicinal consumption. This is what many tend to do. Even though doctors are reliable, it is better that you know what type of medical composition is going inside your body system.
  • If you want, you can have a talk with the doctor online in order to make sure that you are going to purchase the right medicine.
  • Some pharmacy websites also have online consultants available, who are always there to help customers out.
  • You can ask the consultant directly there if you don’t want to call up your doctor.
  • The general information section also brings information that gives out an explanation as to how a particular chemical composition in the tablet can help you out.
  • There’s a whole lot of information related to ED medicine in this section that you would want to know for sure.
  1. Directions


  • Incase if you have forgotten all about the instructions given by your doctor, you can read out the directions of intake mentioned out in this section.
  • Online Canadian Health Care Mall websites are cautious when it comes to selling treatment medicines for Erectile Dysfunction.
  • Whether it is consuming the right dosage level or which food types you should be avoiding, you can find all that mentioned under this section.
  • Follow them to make your experience both healthy and pleasurable to enjoy the maximum effect.
  1. Possible Side-effects
  • Sometimes, consumption of drugs can lead to possible side-effects.
  • You might not realize this but that chances of this happening can often stand true.
  • Fortunately most pharmacy websites also have a well pointed out list of possible side-effects that can happen after intake of this medicine.
  • You might even get instructions telling you what to do if you are suffering from one such side-effect.

Apart from consumption, drugs also need to be stored properly and you might want to learn that too. Hence, checking into the product description page is a must when you purchase ED drugs online.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone is the hormone produced by testicles and which is responsible for the correct development of man’s sexual characters. Testosterone is also important for maintenance of as Canadian Health&Care Mall notices:

  • muscle bulk;
  • healthy level of red blood bodies;
  • growth of bones;
  • healthy spirit;
  • performance of sexual functions.

Unhealthy production of testosterone is the rare reason of erectile dysfunction; however when it comes because of testosterone lack, recovery therapy can be required.


What lowers production of testosterone?

Growing old, the body develops less and less testosterone. This decline begins at 30 years and continues to the death. Also reduce testosterone:

  • injuries;
  • infection or loss of testicles;
  • chemotherapy or radiotheraphy of cancer;
  • genetic anomalies, for example Klinefelter syndrome;
  • hemochromatosis;
  • hypophysis dysfunction;
  • inflammatory diseases, for example sarcoidosis;
  • drugs, especially hormonal, used for a cancer therapy prostates and corticosteroids drugs;
  • chronic weakness;
  • chronic failure of kidneys;
  • cirrhosis;
  • stress;
  • alcoholism;
  • obesity.

In the opinion of the inhabitant relevancy of a lack of testosterone is unclear and confused.

What symptoms are observed at lack of testosterone?

Without the sufficient content of testosterone the man can’t experience excitement, tests erectile dysfunction, is suppressed, badly feels and experiences difficulties with concentration of attention.

What changes are carried out in body at lack of testosterone?

Low level of testosterone is expressed in the following symptoms:

  • Decline of muscle bulk;
  • growth of body fat;
  • change of level of cholesterol and lipid
  • reduction of hemoglobin and display of slight anemia (http://www.medicinenet.com/anemia/article.htm);
  • fragility of bones (osteoporosis);
  • Hair loss.

How to find a lack of testosterone?

The only guaranteed method is blood donation. As the level of testosterone fluctuates during the day, repeated measurements can be required. Doctors prefer to measure whenever possible value early in the morning when the level of testosterone is maximum. After such examinations you may increase you testosterone level with remedies of Canadian Health&Care Mall. You are welcome to command our service and choose the medications on our website to cope with the problems of low testosteron level causing erectile dysfunction.