Canadian Health&Care Mall: Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone is the hormone produced by testicles and which is responsible for the correct development of man’s sexual characters. Testosterone is also important for maintenance of as Canadian Health&Care Mall notices:

  • muscle bulk;
  • healthy level of red blood bodies;
  • growth of bones;
  • healthy spirit;
  • performance of sexual functions.

Unhealthy production of testosterone is the rare reason of erectile dysfunction; however when it comes because of testosterone lack, recovery therapy can be required.


What lowers production of testosterone?

Growing old, the body develops less and less testosterone. This decline begins at 30 years and continues to the death. Also reduce testosterone:

  • injuries;
  • infection or loss of testicles;
  • chemotherapy or radiotheraphy of cancer;
  • genetic anomalies, for example Klinefelter syndrome;
  • hemochromatosis;
  • hypophysis dysfunction;
  • inflammatory diseases, for example sarcoidosis;
  • drugs, especially hormonal, used for a cancer therapy prostates and corticosteroids drugs;
  • chronic weakness;
  • chronic failure of kidneys;
  • cirrhosis;
  • stress;
  • alcoholism;
  • obesity.

In the opinion of the inhabitant relevancy of a lack of testosterone is unclear and confused.

What symptoms are observed at lack of testosterone?

Without the sufficient content of testosterone the man can’t experience excitement, tests erectile dysfunction, is suppressed, badly feels and experiences difficulties with concentration of attention.

What changes are carried out in body at lack of testosterone?

Low level of testosterone is expressed in the following symptoms:

  • Decline of muscle bulk;
  • growth of body fat;
  • change of level of cholesterol and lipid
  • reduction of hemoglobin and display of slight anemia (;
  • fragility of bones (osteoporosis);
  • Hair loss.

How to find a lack of testosterone?

The only guaranteed method is blood donation. As the level of testosterone fluctuates during the day, repeated measurements can be required. Doctors prefer to measure whenever possible value early in the morning when the level of testosterone is maximum. After such examinations you may increase you testosterone level with remedies of Canadian Health&Care Mall. You are welcome to command our service and choose the medications on our website to cope with the problems of low testosteron level causing erectile dysfunction.