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Announcing SKINTYTE

Our new treatment for tightening your skin!  SKINTYTE uses light energy to deeply heat dermal collagen which

promotes improved skin firmness.  Most Patients can see a visible difference after the first treatment!  Common

areas of treatment include neck, jowls, crow’s feet, abdomen, and arms.

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Recent News

Considerations about Detecting Airflow Obstruction in Smoking Cessation Trials

Smoking has been labeled the most important preventable cause of death and disease. The lack of specific treatment for smoking-related diseases and the recognition of the benefits of smoking cessation justify the dedication of significant scientific and community resources to increase rates of smoking cessation. Among smoking-related diseases, COPD is currently a major cause of […]

Details about Detecting Airflow Obstruction in Smoking Cessation Trials

Demographic and smoking characteristics and pulmonary function data of the participants are shown in Table 1. The study population consisted of 58.2% men and 41.8% women. Cigarette consumption and nicotine dependence tended to be higher among men than among women, but the differences were not significant (not shown). On average, pulmonary function test results (percentage […]

Research about Detecting Airflow Obstruction in Smoking Cessation Trials

Subjects Subjects were consecutive volunteers who participated in two cessation trials carried out recently at the Chest Clinic, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nancy-Brabois, France. All were recruited via a local newspaper. The first trial enrolled 400 smokers and aimed to investigate the effectiveness of a nicotine inhaler and a nicotine patch as combination therapy for […]

Detecting Airflow Obstruction in Smoking Cessation Trials

Cigarette smoking has been identified as the most important risk factor for COPD, and epidemiologic surveys in Europe and the United States have demonstrated a high prevalence and rising mortality of the disease and rising mortality. The condition is insidious, and is usually diagnosed late, when lung function has already deteriorated. Since the most effective […]

Output of A Model of Family-Centered Care and Satisfaction Predictors

This study has demonstrated that most families are satisfied generally with the quality of care and communication provided by the ICU team members. Although there were no significant differences between family satisfaction ratings before the implementation of the CCFAP and after, a variation was found in effect sizes, indicating a change in family perception of […]

About A Model of Family-Centered Care and Satisfaction Predictors

Earlier research cited in the introduction of this article has suggested that communication, ICU staff courtesy, compassion and respect, information provided to family, and level of health care received by the patient were predictors of overall family satisfaction. In this study, this earlier work was extended by investigating the role of hospital safety as a […]

Outcomes of A Model of Family-Centered Care and Satisfaction Predictors

Descriptive Analysis Family Members: ICU Care and Communication: Complete data relevant to the measures used for comparison purposes in this study were provided by 2,596 respondents, 330 family members, and 2,266 patients for the longitudinal study, and by 3,731 respondents, 330 family members, and 3,401 patients for the path analyses. Means, pooled SDs, and effect […]

Researches of A Model of Family-Centered Care and Satisfaction Predictors

Objectives of the Study The four objectives of this study were as follows: (1) to validate and verify key constructs that measure qualities or success predictors of the CCFAP and of general family member and patient satisfaction in ICUs; (2) to determine whether there have been any changes observed in the level of family member […]

A Model of Family-Centered Care and Satisfaction Predictors

According to recent work by Dodek and col-leagues, improving the quality of care in ICUs requires the measurement and utilization of family satisfaction data in such a way that the data can be translated into quality-improvement initiatives. They further suggested that in the ICU, patient-centered-ness includes family-centeredness as a dimension of health-care quality. Studies on […]

Immunodeficiency Treated

Immunodeficiency is a set of various organism’s conditions under which functioning of immune system of the person is broken. Under such a state infectious diseases arise more often usually, last very hard and last long. By origin the immunodeficiency can be hereditary or primary and gained or secondary. At different types of an immunodeficiency infections […]