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Announcing SKINTYTE

Our new treatment for tightening your skin!  SKINTYTE uses light energy to deeply heat dermal collagen which

promotes improved skin firmness.  Most Patients can see a visible difference after the first treatment!  Common

areas of treatment include neck, jowls, crow’s feet, abdomen, and arms.

Treatments start at $350. All the preparations included in treatment we order via canadian health&care mall. It is the best supplier of skin care products. They are produced according to the latest technologies.

Recent News

Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Hormone testosterone is responsible for correct development of male sex characteristics. Other important tasks include maintenance of muscle mass and red blood cells at healthy level, growth of bones, performance of sexual functions and maintenance of healthy mindset. Violation of production of testosterone is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction, treatment of which may […]

Top-8 of Misconceptions about Male and Female Sexual Health

In this article, specialist in sexology and hormonal disorders, Alice Stanton, author of the book «Hormone Harmony», refutes eight of the most common myths about sexual health of women and men. Myth №1. At Menopause Interest to Sex is Reduced Many women in fact continue to be actively interested in sex during menopause. Sex becomes […]

Facts About Canadian Zithromax and Alcohol Consumption

Zithromax is one of the popular antibiotics which fight bacterial infection. It is used for the treatment of various kinds of infection such as: Skin infection Ear infection Respiratory infection Genital infection This medication however, does not work on viral infection. Also, unnecessary use of the medicine can reduce the effectiveness of it. How should […]

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Sedentary Way of Living and Erectile Dysfunction Manifestations

According to the statistical data men under the age of 18 – 40 keeping a sedentary way of living suffer from erectile dysfunction in 44% of cases and even 35% among men are satisfied with their sexual life. Men under the age of 18-40 keeping an active way of living suffer from impotence in 22% […]

Pay Attention to the Product Description When You Purchase Viagra Online

When you purchase Viagra from an online pharmacy store, make sure that you are paying attention to the product description page. Viagra kits have now become easier to avail thanks to online pharmacy websites. Men can now easily order their prescribed erectile dysfunction medications online from home at their own convenience. One does not even […]

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Testosterone is the hormone produced by testicles and which is responsible for the correct development of man’s sexual characters. Testosterone is also important for maintenance of as Canadian Health&Care Mall notices: muscle bulk; healthy level of red blood bodies; growth of bones; healthy spirit; performance of sexual functions. Unhealthy production of testosterone is the rare […]

Considerations about Detecting Airflow Obstruction in Smoking Cessation Trials

Smoking has been labeled the most important preventable cause of death and disease. The lack of specific treatment for smoking-related diseases and the recognition of the benefits of smoking cessation justify the dedication of significant scientific and community resources to increase rates of smoking cessation. Among smoking-related diseases, COPD is currently a major cause of […]

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Details about Detecting Airflow Obstruction in Smoking Cessation Trials

Demographic and smoking characteristics and pulmonary function data of the participants are shown in Table 1. The study population consisted of 58.2% men and 41.8% women. Cigarette consumption and nicotine dependence tended to be higher among men than among women, but the differences were not significant (not shown). On average, pulmonary function test results (percentage […]

Research about Detecting Airflow Obstruction in Smoking Cessation Trials

Subjects Subjects were consecutive volunteers who participated in two cessation trials carried out recently at the Chest Clinic, Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Nancy-Brabois, France. All were recruited via a local newspaper. The first trial enrolled 400 smokers and aimed to investigate the effectiveness of a nicotine inhaler and a nicotine patch as combination therapy for […]

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Detecting Airflow Obstruction in Smoking Cessation Trials

Cigarette smoking has been identified as the most important risk factor for COPD, and epidemiologic surveys in Europe and the United States have demonstrated a high prevalence and rising mortality of the disease and rising mortality. The condition is insidious, and is usually diagnosed late, when lung function has already deteriorated. Since the most effective […]